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Welcome to CGD Website

The Centre for Governance and Development (CGD) is a registered policy research and advocacy not-for-profit organization. The Centre is an active participant in influencing the direction of development and social transformation in Kenya. Since its conception, CGD has made significant strides in strengthening the pillars of good governance through opening up political space for civil society, building bridges between government and citizens, and advocating for transparency and accountability. Its objectives are to:-

  • Institutionalise democratic culture as a firm foundation for governance and sustainable development
  • Undertake policy advocacy on issues of governance (economic, citizen demand and accountability, public sector reforms)
  • Broaden women’s equitable participation at all levels of governance and national development
  • Empower civil society, strengthen representative institutions and enhance achievement of human rights and gender equity
  • Enhance knowledge and information on good governance and human rights

An informed and democratic society that is prosperous, equitable and committed to the rule of law

To empower citizens, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Government and Representative Institutions for an equitable and democratic society through partnership building, research and advocacy


  • Transparency and accountability: Our results-focused approach demands that we be open and hold ourselves and others accountable
  • Professionalism: We are committed to courtesy and responsibility in our interactions
  • Integrity: We operate with sound moral and ethical principles, honesty, and sincerity
  • Objectivity: We make decisions without being influenced by personal emotions or prejudices
  • Gender sensitivity: We are committed to the recognition of the needs of both women and men in our ways of working
  • Respect for human rights: We work to promote and achieve rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled 


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